UX Design and Drupal Websites: A Planner's Guide

In the past year, the letters UX have grown very popular in discussion posts, job ads, etc. UX design or user experience design can't be defined in a sentence. I found a definition of UX design on uxdesign.com @ http://uxdesign.com/ux-defined. As I read, the author of this article brings up the "profound and practical insights of Jesse James Garrett" and his diagram of The Elements of User Experience. I looked at the diagram and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the processes and analyzes I offer in Drupal Websites: A Planner's Guide is in sync with the key considerations that go into the development of user experience.

The diagram has a note at the bottom stating "This model does not describe a development process, nor does it define roles within a user experience development team." Given the complexity of UX and all its elements, this is not a surprise. Drupal Websites: A Planner's Guide provides processes and roles in context with Drupal but they also apply to web site planning in general.

With more and more people recognizing the importance of user experience (UX) design, I hope you find Drupal Websites: A Planner's Guide helpful.