Introduction to Change Management

Change, a process to become different, occurs as a result of many processes. Processes commonly known to create change include: training or education, new systems or tool implementation, and process improvement or re-engineering.

Change can affect people, processes, and systems and without appropriate management consideration and facilitation, change can be more challenging than necessary.

Change Management is a proven process used by managers to assist staff in the understanding of and participation in the implementation of new processes or systems.This process empowers staff and fosters enthusiasm, allowing for productivity and quality performance.

Change Management works hand-in-hand with Business Process Redesign and in some respects, Instructional Design by helping people:

  • Recognize the need for change
  • Accept the need to do something about the change
  • Build commitment to the requirement of change
  • Accepting the loss of the “old ways”
  • Encourage involvement in defining the best practices for the “new ways”
  • Assimilate the new practices into the workflow
  • Embrace the “new ways”