Building a Virtual Classroom (TM)

When I help instructors move from the classroom to online, I start with what they know (learning theory 101). It is easier to move forward one-step-at-a-time versus leaping. The following don’t have to be done in the order they are listed. Imagine I ask the instructors to close their eyes and imagine the first dayContinue reading “Building a Virtual Classroom (TM)”

Building a Certification Program

Most of us have either heard of someone being certified to do something or maybe we have been through a certification process ourselves. Depending on the certification, the process could be to simply take a test. Or, it could be more involved such as to include one or more of the following: multiple exams, training,Continue reading “Building a Certification Program”

Drupal Roles: Wearing Multiple Hats

If you do a search for Drupal jobs, the most common jobs listed are Drupal developer, Drupal themer, and Drupal designer. If you look at the skills required for each, they say basically the same thing: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and Drupal experience. If the job is graphic, you might see additional requirements such asContinue reading “Drupal Roles: Wearing Multiple Hats”

What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture (IA) is an emerging practice being integrated into multiple disciplines so it is hard to find one definition that multiple disciplines share. Below are three definitions. What is consistent is the idea that IA is art and/or science and IA has to do with organizing information. Information Architecture Institute defines IA as: “The structuralContinue reading “What is Information Architecture?”