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Collection of professional book and paper covers

Writing and editing technical books and documents, fiction, and instructional content in the form of books, papers, & blogs.


Instructional systems design, instructor coaching, capacity building, and training delivery.

Latest Blog Posts

Skills That Help you Think in Drupal

At the heart of “Thinking in Drupal” is data relationships. In this blog, I’m going to share how I acquired skills that ultimately enabled me to plan and build Drupal websites. Spreadsheets As a Project Control…

Overdraft Notices Can Be Avoided

I recently saw an television ad for a bank that offers overdraft notification so that you can choose how to fund the mistake. My first thought, “If the person was managing their money properly, they wouldn’t…

My Drupal is Showing

I posted a personal finance management series and opened one of the pages, just to see it live. I clicked on an embedded link and it went to a locked page. I recognized the locked page.…

Lesson 1: Checkbook Duh! Factors

Before you can dive into managing your personal finances (checkbook balance, budgets, savings, loan payoffs, etc.), there are some basic money management concepts that you need to know.  Duh! Right? Perhaps you already know the basics,…

Lesson 3: Get Ready

In Lesson 2: A Map of Personal Finance Processes, you were introduced to the processes for managing personal finances. In this lesson, you will explore the process of getting ready to track your current status and…

Lesson 4: Set Up the Spreadsheet

A paper transaction register is part of the past, but its purpose never will be. With a spreadsheet, manual computing is no longer needed. And forget about sloppy handwriting. Typed entries are the way to go.…

Lesson 5b: Twice a Month Paycheck Plan

If you completed the tasks in Lesson 3: Get Ready and Lesson 4: Set Up the Spreadsheet, you are ready to move forward in preparing your digital tracker and planner. If you reviewed Lesson 5a: Single Monthly…

Lesson 5d: Front Loaded Paycheck Plan

Let’s start by explaining what I mean by front loaded. The concept is simple. The income from one month is used to pay the next months commitments. Instead of talking about it, consider a sample using…


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