A View of Meeting Facilitation

The Facilitation Process Highlights chart illustrates the various phases of facilitation which I support.

facililation process highlights

I use various methods, tools, and strategies aimed at making the facilitation process work smoothly and productively while ensuring involvement and ownership by the participants.

The goals for facilitated sessions can include, but is not limited to: problem-solving, incremental process improvement, process re-engineering, information gathering, requirements collection, consensus building, etc.


  • Conduct preparation and research
  • Monitor team’s readiness for sessions
  • Act as a neutral and impartial meeting leader
  • Aid participants in defining requirements
  • Guide participants through the agenda
  • Keep the session on track

I use facilitation techniques frequently in instructional design and delivery, process redesign, and change management.

Published by Cindy McCourt

I wear many hats: author, website planner, Drupal consultant, instructional designer, trainer.

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