Lesson 7. Balancing Against the Bank

If you are just joining us, we are near the end of the series on personal finance management. This is the part where you reconcile the balance shown in your digital tracker and planner with the balance the bank shows. The process used for this task has been around for … well, for as longContinue reading “Lesson 7. Balancing Against the Bank”

Instructions for Making Trail Mix Banana Bread

I wanted to practice my instructional writing. My recent discovery banana bread recipe found at https://kirbiecravings.com/healthy-banana-oatmeal-bread/, my lessons learned, and my customizations afforded me the perfect opportunity. Instructional Planning Learning objective: At the end of the instructions, a learner will be able to make either a banana bread loaf or multiple mini muffins. Audience: AdultsContinue reading “Instructions for Making Trail Mix Banana Bread”