Training versus Education

The difference between training and education has been discussed for countless years. If you consult a dictionary, you might see that training is the process of teaching or learning a skill or job. And you might see that the process of educating is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially atContinue reading “Training versus Education”

Introduction to Change Management

Change, a process to become different, occurs as a result of many processes. Processes commonly known to create change include: training or education, new systems or tool implementation, and process improvement or re-engineering. Change can affect people, processes, and systems and without appropriate management consideration and facilitation, change can be more challenging than necessary. ChangeContinue reading “Introduction to Change Management”

A View of Business Process Redesign

Process redesign is about change. There are countless methods and techniques used to describe the various processes and tools used to identify and implement change, similar to Facilitation and Instructional Design. Process change occurs in many forms: From no process to an initial process From incremental improvements to an existing process to significant improvements FromContinue reading “A View of Business Process Redesign”

A View of Meeting Facilitation

The Facilitation Process Highlights chart illustrates the various phases of facilitation which I support. I use various methods, tools, and strategies aimed at making the facilitation process work smoothly and productively while ensuring involvement and ownership by the participants. The goals for facilitated sessions can include, but is not limited to: problem-solving, incremental process improvement,Continue reading “A View of Meeting Facilitation”

A View of Training and Education Delivery

I believe that a successful training event depends on several success factors. Three primary success factors include: The design of the instructional materials and activities. The procedures and techniques used during the delivery of the training. The delivery skills of the instructor. Assuming the instructional materials and activities are at their best, the delivery proceduresContinue reading “A View of Training and Education Delivery”

Success Factors: Instructional D3 Projects

What does the instructional development project need in order to be successful? The answer from anyone who has studied project management might include such items as: an appropriately sized budget; a schedule with enough time; human resources with the applicable skill sets; a development plan that considers risk; and a communication plan. If you wereContinue reading “Success Factors: Instructional D3 Projects”

Requirements and Change Requests

“Bring me a rock, please.” Ever get the feeling that you are being asked to deliver a product or work that has not been completely defined? You assume you know what a rock looks like based on basic information provided. You find it and paint it, only to find the client wanted a small roundContinue reading “Requirements and Change Requests”