Financial Headaches: A Series on Personal Finance Management

The process of balancing your checkbook isn’t just about knowing how much money you have to spend right now. It can yield huge insights into your future.

“Years before I created the technique shared in this series, I gave a presentation for a speech class I had to take as part of my college curriculum. My ‘how-to’ topic of choice was … you guessed it, How to Balance a Checkbook. I used a chalkboard. We didn’t have computers, let alone the internet back then. A simple as it was, my professor privately thanked me afterwards, as he found it helpful.”

me, the creator of this series

One day, I was using a spreadsheet – on my then new Macintosh Classic – to add and subtract the numbers in my paper check register so that I could balance it against my bank balance. I bet you can see where I’m going with this. Yes, a check register spreadsheet. Hang on. There’s more to the technique I am sharing. Please read on to learn about the future empowerment aspect.

Empowerment for the Future

My feelings, when I made the “empowering” spreadsheet discovery can be summed up by, “OMG!” I’m calling it the digital tracker and planner. Back then, it was just “my spreadsheet.” It’s simple. It’s easy. And, it’s powerful.

“It’s challenging to find the words for how Cindy’s financial organizational advice and guidance has affected me since it permeates most of my conscious thought, personally and professionally, every day.  I spent years developing spreadsheet information to help guide my personal financial decisions based on Cindy’s help.  In fact, I started a business and doubled gross sales several times, using my spreadsheet planning tactics, over the 12 year life of the business.  I sold the business and now live mortgage free with a structured savings plan and investments preparing me for early retirement all the while still using the guidance Cindy gave me.  I highly recommend speaking with her.”

Todd Roberts

All I did was give Todd the tools, the same tools that I am sharing in this series, and he applied them to his business-building efforts himself. I’m just glad I could help. And, hopefully I can help you through this series.

Is this series on personal finance management for you?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it’s worth giving the series of quick read, at least, to see if it spurs any ideas for your own situation.

  • Do you have a checking account?
  • Do you have expenses that repeat?
  • Do you wish you had less debt and more savings?

If you have a tool or technique that works for you, perhaps this series can help someone you know.

“I did my research. I understood what I should do, like payoff my credit cards and save money. What I didn’t know was how. I was behind on my bills. My bank account was almost empty. Then I was told to call Cindy. It took time, but I understand now. Long story short, my husband and I are current on my bills, most of our debt is paid off, and my husband and I are buying a house with the savings we are now able to set aside. Right now, I have over $4,000 when three months ago we had less than $500.”

29 year old that learned a valuable lesson

What does this series entail?

Each lesson is a prerequisite to the next.

Additional Personal Finance Topics

After completing the series, the following short topics might add to your endeavors to improve your personal finance process.

Coming soon:

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